Welcome to our workshop

Millions of websites operates around the world. Why aren't they up to date and looks nice? We're just working on it...

Who we are?

A freelance UI/UX wizard as well as a Daydreamer who workes on the Graveyard Shift and sleeps all the day!

Up to date, pixel perfect, reliable and modern. These are our features. But we're just clever and fast as is possible.

Originally, as many as not conduct any work all at once. Compared to the rise in the number of tasks, always cover the area you need. In this case, the others are resting (non-typical), or just doing nothing (on holiday).

Tools and apps we use everyday
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Flash
  • Adobe Premiere
  • After Effects
  • InDesign

What can we do for you?

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Modernization of today's standards compliance.

Application Developement

Application Developement

Android, iOS and Windows app developing and design.

Seach Engine Optimization


Seach Engine Optimization - working with Google Analytics and Adwords.



Business card, letter paper, office supplies, website, unique promotional gifts.

DTP And Graphic Design

DTP And Graphic Design

CMYK print design, desktop publishing, vector drawings, photo manipulation.

Sound and Video

Sound and Video

Creating, editing, manipulating, repairing sound, music and video.

A few recent works

This is what we love to listen

A few words from those who have worked with us and become a satisfied client.

Ajgo Group

The most important thing for me is the reliability. Innovative, precise and impressive. I can tell that about his work. :)

Andrew Jacso

Co-Founder, AJGO Group


We have been working together for 10 years. I love his sense of humor and flexibility.

Gabor Olti

Manager, Reklámeszköz


One of the most professional. I live in the US for a long time but this was never been a problem.

Eric Essebag

Co-Owner, Caché


A very kind friend of mine. Many of things has been solve together. I would like to work with him again. A lot!

Daniel Berger

Graphic Designer, Ivanka


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